Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby shower

As to your comment about the iPhone, of all the 5 cell phones I had my iPod lasted me longer than all of them put together. I've recently been thinking about what I'll do about cell phones when I get back...

Today the new president gets here at night and we meet him on Wednesday.

Our district activity today: Volleyball in the park. It was quite a blast. We went all out on chips and soda because today is Elder U's last P-day of his whole life. He goes home next Monday.

Little Valeria is going to get baptized this Sunday, because her Mom was also baptized on July 6th, so we figured we'd make it a special day. Both Elder G and I will both still be here so that was no problem at all. She kind of reminds me of Savanna in her manner of telling you every little detail of what she's thinking. In our lesson with the family on Thursday night we had a very funny discussion about talking in ''tú'' versus ''usted.'' I have for some time been talking to all children below the age of 12 in tú (because otherwise they don't understand) and Valeria commented how I'm the first Elder she's heard talk like that. Then her brother chimed in. ''Well, when it comes down to it, we're all young people anyway. It's not like we're grandparents or the President or anything.'' Valeria said, ''Yeah, when they talk to me in usted I feel like an old lady!'' So now with their family we have permission to talk in tú to the kids. Sweet. Too much formality drives me nuts.

From what I understand about French, you basically talk to everybody in ''vous'' except for your immediate family and very close friends, correct? So the ''tu'' form is a very close bond? That's a lot simpler than the tú versus usted matter. I think one day I will write a book about all the situations to use which one and the other. But for reals, that's an idea I've had recently that I think could make some money in the future.

 This giant stuffed monkey in the middle of Mexico made me happy.
 We had some fun at a Mexican baby shower.  It was ridiculously more fun than I could have imagined.
 Our zone.

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