Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tacos, toys, a mask and a mountain

This is a picture of Mount Orizaba covered in clouds.  It makes it easy for me to know which direction to go with this beautiful mountain as a reference.

Things have been getting to the offices faster now. The letters you sent got here in 2 weeks! I appreciated Jon Scott's random comments about faith and dark energy and nerdy things. It reminded me that the ward I grew up in is still real.

Thanks for sending me a jersey.  I can't wait until it gets here. The French uniforms really are so cool. If anybody in the family wants me to get them a Mexico shirt or jersey I can get those for ridiculously super cheap here.

French - I think with past participles it's only with verbs conjugated with ''etre'' that the number of e's changes, right? ''Nous sommes alles'' ''elle est allee''? What other random questions I had...

I love President Greer. The man is awesome. When I was talking with him I could feel a genuine love and concern. ''For the next 9 months I am your father, I am your bishop, I am your priesthood leader. You are my son and the Lord's charge for me is to take care of you.'' It was such a different feeling than the other interviews I have had before. 

President Greer asked me to tell you thanks for the blog. It helped him a lot to understand the state of the mission better when he arrived. He told me his philosophy as mission president is teaching us correct principles and letting us govern ourselves. The last thing he will ever do, he says, is try to micro manage everybody in the mission. So when I asked him if I could keep studying French during our language study time he said, ''That is your decision. Just think of how it will benefit you and if it's worth your time and you decide yes or no.''  Je connais la réponse.

Elder V is as awesome as ever. We're still not seeing a whole lot of visible success in this ward but I know the Lord appreciates everything we're doing as long as we give it our all and are diligent.  Loving the people here is the greatest work of all, and it's really easy to love the people here.

 There are two things that Mexican kids love to do in the street:  Play soccer and fly kites.  There were so many kites in the sky the other day!
 Brother R making Arabic tacos for us.  Yumm!
 "Dorro, ¡eres mi mejor amigo!"  This is A, my BFF here in Xalapa.  I told him if he could learn how to talk in English (his dad is learning English) I would buy him a Captain America toy to complete his collection.  So he learned some English from his dad and I bought him a toy.  He drew me a super cute picture to say thanks and gave it to me on Sunday.
 Another picture of my buddy A.
 This mask belongs to a different little kid.  I put it on and the family was like, "He's actually Captain America!!"

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