Monday, July 14, 2014

No cavities!

Could you please send me one French news article per week to print and read? From an original French source, not a translation. I would consider myself an intermediate French student at this point. Obviously I'll never master it until I can speak with somebody who speaks French but I want to learn all I can before I come home. Reading news articles will get me a lot of those phrases you can only learn by observation.  

We had lunch with a member yesterday and learned the news of the World Cup.  I know my friend Anton was very happy with the Germany win, and Grandpa must have been smiling from heaven.  Soccer is everything here, and I have learned to really, really love soccer.  And if Nike ever has any clearance France gear, I would love to have a cool French shirt.

On to the mission news. Elder V is officially my favorite companion I've had yet. He teaches well, he knows how to work with the Spirit, he knows the scriptures and can say many of them ad verbum, we get along awesomely, and he loves soccer. He's obsessed with soccer. His love for the sport is kind of rubbing off on me, I'd say. He is my fourth consecutive companion not from Mexico - Elder V is from El Salvador! In El Salvador they use US dollars so unfortunately I can't add to my foreign currency collection, but that's alright.

Yesterday we baptized V! Her mom was so happy. V's mom was baptized a year ago - she was introduced to the church by her boyfriend. She's been waiting for a long time to be sealed to him in the temple. When she was baptized her daughter didn't want to get baptized and she hadn't wanted to until she met me, which is when she asked her future step dad about getting baptized. So this sister is super happy because she thought her little angel was going to take years to decide but now she's already taken that decision and can go to the temple with her.

President Greer is as awesome as I thought. He sent us the Joseph Smith quote about being taught correct principles and governing ourselves. I like that a lot more than memorized lessons. We have interviews with him on Thursday and I know I'm going to love it. It's so sweet that his wife is learning Spanish. She called us this morning with a question for Elder V and I did some translation work.

No cars have airbags here

V at her baptism
I have never felt at home as I did at the dental office here.  And no cavities!!!

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  1. You had a busy week, Abram. It must've felt very fulfilling to be so productive. Anyway, I'm very happy about the results you achieved when you visited your dentist. Keep your pearly whites healthy always. All the best! :)

    Sharon Warner