Monday, July 7, 2014

Giant shrimp, street tacos and ice cream

I'm glad you guys are having so much fun this summer. Good job on your half marathon, Mom. Only somebody as coordinated as you could cramp her shoulder in a race like that.

Can I take out some money for a dental cleaning? I'm 8 months overdo. The first counselor in the ward is a dentist and I actually would trust him to clean my teeth. He's super cool and has an actual dental clinic (it's not just his house like every other Mexican office I've seen.)

One thing I can say is that music plays a far greater influence in our lives than we may think. The sacramental covenant is to always remember him. When we do things that even so much as take our mind off the Savior or the ideals He desires us to uphold for even just a little bit we lose a great deal of the influence of the Holy Spirit. 

V got sick so she's getting baptized this weekend instead of last weekend as planned. 

I love President Greer. He is fantastic and the perfect man for the job. The first thing I could learn about him is that he loves his wife. He made that very clear. ''She is the best in the whole world and that's why she's my companion.'' Sister Greer is so sweet and she will have quite an adventure learning Spanish. He is also absolutely hilarious. Nobody could help but laugh the entire multi zone conference we had with him. So much improvisational humor.

What I loved most is that President Greer clearly has an understanding of the temple.  ''It's time for this mission to stop using the word 'baptism.' We have converts, not baptisms.'' And he helped the mission to learn about our real purpose. Page 1 of PMG: ''Invite others to come unto Christ...'' and he stopped it there. ''That is our purpose. Our purpose is to get people to come unto Christ." From the spirit radiating from the President as he spoke I could tell the temple is something that he clearly understands is very important. This mission is headed in a very good direction.

Transfer news: Elder G is going. I'll miss that guy. In his place is coming an Elder V.

President and Sister Greer
 Ice cream.  I have no idea what flavor, but it was delicious.
 giant shrimp
 Street tacos
 Blue Sour Patch Kids???
 I giant O.  It made me think of Oregon.
 A random fountain that lights up and does fancy stuff.

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