Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventures on Macuitepetl

Yes, I do remember the story of my toy rubber snake breaking when I was 3.  2 inches of the tail broke off of the 3-foot-long snake, and I threw the whole snake in the trash because I thought it was no good.   I can understand how sad Savanna was to get a scratch on her brand-new scooter.  I'm glad she figured out it wasn't such a big deal.  The same thing happened to me this past week with a Mexico jersey I bought. It got stained with black marker immediately after bringing it home and I thought it was all ruined. Of course I didn't cry or freak out like with the snake 17 years ago but it kind of frustrated me. It was mostly sad because I hadn't even taken the tag off and it was already stained. However, the stain actually washed out for the most part and looks a lot better. A good reminder to always be careful where you put your markers.  My comp said rubbing alcohol will take out the marker, but we didn’t have any.  I think it didn't go through the dryer. (Xalapa is the only city in the entire mission with dryers. Random thought.) In any case, I'll buy some rubbing alcohol and see what magic it can do. Also! Tell Dad I bought him a jersey, too. I bought one in each of the team's three colors - black, green, and red.

Yes, currently I'm going for a European look now that I'm becoming a Frenchman. Tomorrow I'm going to get the sides buzzed again and the top trimmed just a little bit. I've decided I look better with a real hair cut, even though a buzz is so easy. All I have to do is keep the sides buzzed every two weeks for my cowlick to not be so noticeable. Do you love how I can't part my hair formally but I can make it a ginormous swirl?

This week whilst reading the scriptures I found two I would not have been able to understand without knowing French: Jeremiah 10:22 and Isaiah 52:14. The noise of the bruit sounds pretty redundant so it made me laugh. I also recall the word appellation being somewhere in Alma or Helaman... but I'll be there shortly enough again and I'll find it.

This week I had my favorite meal of all time with members. We ate lunch with a couple that has been married for 65 years and have been members for 53 years. The brother is the oldest in the ward and two weeks ago celebrated his 90th birthday! They are the cutest, sweetest people ever. First off, when we walked in the door we felt like we entered the waiting room of the temple. It was so peaceful and reverent.

As for the food, not only were the meatballs and white rice absolutely delicious, but so was the homemade wheat bread. That's right. Wheat bread. Made by hand. Just like you always make for us. I an entire loaf because I was so happy to see such a treasure on the table. Apart from the food that reminded me of home, the company of the members was so precious. They were splendidly enchanting and continually joking with one another. When the brother was pouring us water slash juice he served us and then himself, and then he almost poured some into his wife's glass but set the pitcher back on the table. ''No, not for you. You're punished.'' Then he got more juice out of the fridge and told us, ''This one's sugar free'' and proceded to serve his wife. After the meal they told us the whole history of their family from the pictures they have on their neatly painted walls. It was so precious.

 Little A turned 9 this week.  Her mom invited us over for cake. 
 I found the perfect Mexico souvenir for me.  A copy of Don Quijote, en español!
On Friday we had a hilarious activity in the ward with games involving balloons, musical chairs, and finding candy hidden in flour. Only the pictures can describe the fun.

 Little J and I with our flour-covered faces.

After the taking candy out of flour without your hands game.  So much flour in the air and our faces.  Elder Valdés is the silly guy on the ground.

We spent some time today at the hill Macuiltepetl.  There is a zip line, a bird sanctuary, some ruins, a cave and a cool tower to climb on top.  If we ever go on a family vacation here, we can spend an entire day on this one hill.  There is a beautiful view of all of Xalapa from the top.

 A fun adventure to a cave (which was closed) today.

  Pictures from the bird sanctuary today.

 The view from the top of Macuitepetl Hill.

I had a crazy idea this week.  Rather than going out and trying to find people, we set up a table in the market with a sign that says Everything Free.  We had lots of people stop and talk to us, and we will do it again next week.
This is the sweet couple that gave me the wheat bread.  I had to take a picture of them with the loaf.  If you wonder why there is so much light in the picture, it is because they are so celestial they are about to be translated.

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