Monday, August 4, 2014

Mis lentes nuevos

I am seriously going to be blown away by technology when I come back home. Here I am on a computer that still runs on Windows XP using a cell phone that's now 10 years old.

This chapel has the worst keyboard of all time, except for the island in Belize. Even the Casio keyboards are superior to this one. As soon as you sent me the Piano Guys music and I got moved out of Tuxpan I haven't touched a real piano since. There was a piano in Xanath but when I actually played it I found out it was horrendously out of tune and the primary room is always way too full of kids there for two Elders to slip in, so I never played it. One day I will play a real piano again. one day.

I'm getting along super well with Elder V. He's mature and easygoing and we laugh all day long. He's also educated, likes to read and study.

I'm having a very hard time getting investigators to church in this ward. I honestly don't think this tiny area is meant for 6 missionaries. Maybe 4, at the most. Since my time started here we have had a grand total of 4 different people come to church, and one of them was V who had already been attending for a year.  As long as I am out on the streets all day giving everybody the chance to use their agency to accept or reject I'm doing my part. Preach My Gospel states: ''A missionary's success is primarily measured by his or her determination to find and invite people to be baptized and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.'' I don't see the words results or obligation, I see the words determination and the word invitation. So I'm good.

Xalapa is the greatest place in the mission to find cheap souvenirs. (I love that French loanword. Is that what that's called?) I found an official Club América Nike jersey for me, (the one I found proudly has the word 'crown' in Spanish written in huge bold letters on the back just like the real deal. I'm sure the people at BYU will love that one). I'll be on the lookout for more, of course. Now that I'm finding all the nooks and crannies of Mexican markets I'll be sure to find one soon. Another awesome Mexico kid's jersey for Zack (I bought it in a big size because I know he's going to grow), and other awesome Mexican recuerdos to give to the family when I come back. Your wool Huipil is still the coolest thing I've found, though. It's so beautifully hand embroidered and it took a sweet Mexican lady two entire weeks to make it.  The America jersey I found was the greatest steal of my whole life. I bought it for two whole dollars. 25 pesos. That's actually less than 2 dollars. I felt fantastic. Sure, used, but still the greatest buy ever because it's official.

Also! The alcohol completely removed the stain from my authentic Mexican fútbol jersey I bought. That was such a relief because I was so proud of that shirt. It's the one the team actually wears when they play. Thank you so much for the tip!

I took Elder V to McDonald's today. I told him it's a gift from my mom because she loves him. I managed to eat four hamburgers, a large fry, and drink a large coke. 1700 calories later I felt pretty satisfied. Fountain coke does taste a lot different than bottled coke.

Honestly, I feel like my mission on the mission was more to become completely immersed in a culture enough to replicate my brain several times and create enough space to learn more languages. 

I'm also here just to love the people. Members, investigators, random kids on the street, everybody.  The people here are so loveable.  

I have a very strong feeling I'll get transferred this transfer, we'll see if that leads me to a piano or not...

I’m thinking instead of McDonalds for dinner on the night I get back, we should all go to La Costita or to Rockwood or something and I’ll order the most authentic Mexican food I can find.  Then we can go to Winco and get Jarritos sodas and load up on Mexican treats.  Then for lunch the next day I would like to go to McDonalds.

Elder V dice que en nueve meses le mandemos una foto de todos en el restaurant el torogoz

Guess whose curse is still in effect. Ding ding ding! That's right, this time, I broke the lock on the door simply with my own existence. It was totally inexplicable and it had to be removed the old fashioned way. Ohhh yea.

The fancy eye exam glasses of L, who is a million times more cool and honest than the last lady from whom I bought glasses. The lenses had gotten WAY too scratched up and it was bugging me and giving me headaches every time the sun came out. I went for new lenses and she told me how the optometry market works in Mexico, how to get the best deals, and how to make your lenses last for a long time. It turns out the ''anti-reflective'' stuff they put on lenses here they do intentionally with the intent of getting people to buy new glasses every 9 months. They charge you 30 dollars more to coat them with something that comes off really easily, even when you just wipe dust off. Then they're scratched up and you have to buy new ones. (sure, the chemical helps so you don't perceive the reflection of indoor bulbs, but other than that... nothing) It also turns out that the people in Teziutlán lied to me because my prescription definitely stayed the same and didn't get better, so I've been seeing in low-def quality for 10 months. I thought so...

Fortunately our investigator M is her best friend so we worked out a special deal. I got new lenses for the glasses I have, AND she repaired my old Ray Bans!!! The metal got slightly stained from the soldering but that's a natural effect of intense heat. Also, I bought a pair of '30s/´40s glasses with the birthday money Grandma and Great Grandma sent me. Because with the great connection I made, it was a price I seriously couldn't refuse. It was an 80% discount and I couldn't say no because the glasses are definitely my personality.
Family home evening with silly kids! Who made the funniest face? I would say M wins, hands-down. We're going to baptize G this Sunday. He's 8 and a half and his mom has been a member for several years now. He didn't get baptized when he turned 8 because he is scared of water. I told him I taught kids how to swim and I'm a lifeguard... and I made him laugh a lot, so we 
convinced him.

A's family is so fun to talk with.
Me helping D to fly in his super man pajamas. Those are my new glasses. D was wiggling around a whole lot and it's not the greatest picture of me, but trust me, my new glasses look extremely stylish.
A member took us out to eat at a vegan restaurant this week. It was the first time I've actually gone to a legitimate restaurant all my time in Mexico. The member of course isn't a vegan but he wanted to try something fun. I do say, Mexico is probably the only place where the vegans serve you cactus as the main vegetable on your plate.  It was a fun adventure and I am so thankful for this member's kindness.

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