Monday, April 28, 2014

Variety is the spice of life

Qué chido pero lástima que hace 3 años yo no podía sacar una foto así con el gran Henrique Knox...

I have the biggest news of the mission so far. I am going to have had 4 mission presidents in total by July 1st. If it's not unique, it's not Abram.

I believe an explanation is in order. On Wednesday the whole mission was told we were going to have a surprise meeting with Elder Johnson of the 70, area president of Mexico. Many thought he was coming to correct us or to felicitar us for good work or something, or possibly to clear up new rules the first presidency just put in place. However, usually the area president doesn't randomly visit a mission one day unless something really needs to be done, so I had a feeling something was aloof. What occurred was not at all what I expected.

Elder Johnson first announced that as of Tuesday President Lopez was released as President of the Mexico Xalapa mission 'to take care of personal matters'. He told us that President Monson had called a temporary mission president to serve until 30 June and on 1 July a new President will be put into his calling for the full 3 years. He presented us to our new President - President Saucedo, who served as the Guadalajara mission president until 2012.  So within a period of 3 months I will have 3 mission presidents, plus President Black from Vegas makes 4. Variety is the spice of life, they say.

President Saucedo and his wife talked to us in the same meeting so we could get to know them a little bit. Church headquarters called them on Tuesday and told them they were needed the very next day. Off they went, only packing basic needs in suitcases.

If you could send me the lyrics to the French National anthem I would love it. 

Elder L te manda un besito y dice gracias por los libros y dice que te quiere mucho y quiere agregar caritas :* aquì sale con unas tortillas hechas a mano, què talento tenemos ¿no?
lo que me gusta del libro es que asì hablan mis amigos de verdad. todo lo del 'Spanglish'' como parqueadero en vez de estacionamiento y wachar en vez de mirar.

In Papantla when you need to buy something, you buy it from these guys who ride around on their motorcycles honking their horns and selling things at random.

This guy's got some real talent. It's quite sad that such fun people like him live in total poverty. I gave them some pocket change.

Que no tengas pena, dice Elder Lopez. Lo importante es que haya sido con mucho cariño de lo cual no cabe duda. Espera saludarte cuando hablamos el 10 de Mayo porque se nota que eres muy ''chilera'' (jerga guatemalteca que significa ''cool'') besos.

Yes, he got the English books. I'll tell him about our gift of ordering things only to find the order is missing something or broken later. I had just forgotten because it's been a year since I ordered anything.

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