Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This week in Papantla

I'm glad I've still got another year to think through what to study and what direction to head for my career... because I'm still not totally sure yet, either. But if I were to do business/international relations with an ability to communicate with the English/Spanish/French world, that could get me a sweet job translating or doing international something or other in an office. Still got time to think it over.

I will be praying for Great Grandma this week. (She fell recently and suffered a concussion).

This week was a fun week because we had four Elders in the same little house for 5 days. In the mix of all the house complications, two Elders moved all their stuff in and studied on the floor for several days in our house while they found a new house. I thought it was quite a blast.

I had an interview with President this week. Short as usual. He said just to make sure I'm helping my comp with his English books the mission gives him. ''Just help him learn English while you're studying... well, languages.'' Also that he is very content with my work recently. My package of the completely new 501 verbs book (I didn't even recognize it at first) plus dictionary also arrived. In combination with watching The Restoration in French, I'm getting more or less a grip of how things should be pronounced. Maybe you could do like you did with the Livre de Mormon and send multi language DVDs the Church makes for me to be able to listen to it more.

This week we also taught one of the coolest lessons I've seen. We went to teach the mom of one of our investigators the Plan of Salvation and she told us about a dream she had just had - in which Christ came and taught her the whole plan of salvation. So she basically taught herself the whole lesson right there. No standardized lesson plan needed. Just obedience and the Spirit.
This raccoon is named Pacumeni.

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