Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Tell Timothee and Marc that they are my favorite missionaries we ever had at home. They rock. Also tell Timothee that I hope he'll skype with me when I'm at BYU again so I can practice my French with a real French friend!

Tell Grandma Dorrough thank you so much for writing me letters. I appreciated the handwritten one and think it's funny that Windows XP is getting taken down because it's all I've seen in Mexico! I also love what she said about Grandpa Bradley. Let him know I can feel his prayers and I love him.

I got to visit Tajin today.  It is an incredible city.  But it is amazing that only 500 years ago the people there were still worshipping the wind!

Things are going well with my comp. He gets a little cranky at times, but fortunately with my life's experience as oldest brother I know how to react to essentially any type of childish behavior in the most positive way, so things are always resolved quickly and we get along well.

The work is also going along well here. We've been getting the hang of taking lots of people to Church - it's a matter of simply being a friend and showing sincere interest by actually listening, that way people want to listen to you. A new friend and investigator, C, has added us on Facebook. He's going to get baptized on his birthday, April 18th. I hope to still be in Papantla on that day because transfers are just before! You can actually see the transfers Monday morning on the Facebook page of the mission and send me an email about what they are so I don't have to wait forever to hear about it. Things have been going really well for the work ever since I left Puebla so I don't know what to expect for transfers now. It's not by any means a guarantee that one who starts a training finishes it in this mission, so even though it's be more likely I stay here 6 more weeks, who knows! 

Anyway. Tangents. C is super cool. He falls well on me. He's one of the people who had the seed planted a long time ago but just waits for the right moment to be harvested. It just took time and somebody specific to resolve his doubts he had, but now he's good to go. We somehow randomly run into each other a lot in the street, too...

I'm not even sure what Apple TV is... you guys will have to surprise me when I come back!

At this point I'm still good with the clothes I brought. De las diez camisas que me traje solo 3 ya no me sirven y 7 son suficiente para una semana. Pero cuando necesito algo de ropa te aviso. Okay. Shaking off the Spanish brain. My birthday is coming up soon! Shoots! I didn't really realize. . As for my birthday... Just some art from Zachary and Savvy.

Conference was amazing but it'd take too long to detail all my thoughts about it. I will share my humble but sincere testimony that I know we are lead by Jesus Christ Himself who speaks through our dear friend President Monson. If we follow his lead we will always be in the right.

Una divertida tradiciòn papanteca - ¡los voladores!

Conference in English!
 Another shot from Tajin.  It's not as cool as Cantona, but still a very impressive ruin.

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