Monday, April 14, 2014

Giant chips!

Freaking out about ants on the keyboard, you should really come to Mexico. Hay hormigas en todos lados. Zachary's church outfit is prodigiously stylish. I'm digging it, bro! And congratulations on Noah's ripped shirt in sacrament meeting.

This week went fantastically. First off, the transfer news... I am staying in Xanath ward to finish training Elder L. We were one of just a handful of companionships in the mission who didn't get changed up this time. I am super excited to stay mostly to be able to be at C's baptism on Friday and also to have another 6 weeks with some outstanding members. In these 6 weeks I will have my mission yearmark and my birthday, so the owner of Dulcelandia (2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency) is likely going to throw me a Mexican party in his house on the 9th.  Now I can also work out details about the Skype call on May 10th!

Xanath is a wonderful ward. Honestly the unity the members have here impresses me - the attendance is always around 200. I love hearing members tell us that after 2 weeks of not going the Bishop or Relief Society President had already visited them. Miracles are found in simply ministering as the prophet directs us to.

Next news. On Sunday we baptized J, the one who didn't get baptized 6 weeks ago because  he wasn't ready. Well, now he is. It just took some time.

My iPod was stolen this week. I always just leave it in the bedroom we have, but because it's so hot and our house is an oven without windows in the bedroom, we had been leaving the windows open in the other room. One day our neighbor in the apartment left the front gate open so some people got into the houses while we were out proselyting and grabbed some stuff, among them also my food I had bought for the week. My charger was also taken, but surprisingly they left the mission DVD player right there. Thankfully they saw no value to anything else I have so I'm good. But, I would like to ask for some CDs to replace my most listened to music: The Lord of the Rings, Paul Cardall hymns, sacred piano and his album Life and Death, other Cds, Handel's Messiah, Bach Empire brass, and Yo Yo Ma Baroque Cds. Thankfully Elder S had previously given me some music on a USB, too.

Yeah, that guy's in for a surprise for an iPod in French with just classical music that can only be reformatted using a computer that's 72 hours away in bus. What a steal, right?

My birthday is so soon! And my year mark!

Thanks for your comment about my charming adults ability. I didn't realize you had noticed that about me.

Another random note (please add to letter): The mission rule has changed to have more than an hour of writing now. After much deliberation with how to get missionaries to be more obedient with technology, President just decided to let us write more time. Hip hip hooray!

French/English revelations in my study.
Laissez-faire - just let it do its thing. Literally.
Deja-vu - already seen
Rendez-vous - meet yourselves there

cache - literally, just a hiding spot. A 'hidden'

The ruins of Tajin are just so close to where we live!

This picture was right before J's baptism.
 We hung up some manly curtains this week.

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