Monday, April 28, 2014

Marathon Monday

Meb won???  That is awesome! I hope all is going well for Dad today as he gives it his all.  I'm glad Dad got a nice run in on a not as competitive brain mode (for his injury)!I remember a year ago the mood there was totally different. Glad to know the runner's spirit is unbeatable.  I want to live in Boston. Really after two years in Mexico I'll be grateful to live just about anywhere in my own country but Boston is such a neat city. I have the picture of you and me by the Knox monument with all of Boston in the background taped on the wall by my study desk. Sadly the dates are starting to slip my mind here as 15 September and 5 May become important to Mexicans. How fun to go on trips to the whole Boston area there!

This week felt pretty good. We're now required to set apart time in the day to do street contacts every day and are required to talk with everybody we see as a primary method of finding interested people. It feels like I'm an actual missionary now. While contacting this week (that feels weird to type), we ran into a family of 5 - the dad, A, is an inactive member from many years ago and he told us he was just saying he wants to come back to church soon. There is no other way we would have met this family if we weren't just roaming on the street talking to people. I wonder how it ever got to be a rule to not do contacts in the first place. Anyway, the kids came to church Sunday. We'll see how it goes with them. His son, also named A, reminds me of Joel. If Joel just learned Spanish he would be twins in personality with 10 year old A. They have all the same quirky smiles and random jokes out of nowhere. A therefore reminds me of home and makes he happy just to be teaching.

C left for Mexico City on Tuesday so he couldn't get baptized this week, but at the latest he'll be back on Mother's day to get baptized. His mom is also waiting until he gets back, which I completely understand so we didn't force her to get baptized this week anyway. Common sense. This week on Sunday we have planned out the baptism of an old lady who can't read or write and whose second language is Spanish. Her native tongue is Totonaco, a dialect that very very few people speak anymore, but she's been a lot happier since she started going to Church and saying her prayers everyday. She can't read but we're memorizing hymns with her as a substitute. She's been such a funny old lady to teach.

With my French studies so far, I can read about 80% of French and be able to translate it back. I haven't memorized all the verb forms enough to write or speak them all yet, but I can recognize them whilst reading. My favorite thing I learned this week - creme brulee is just burned cream. Duh. I'm still listening to it more and more to get the hang of how it's pronounced before I start to hook a bunch of mispronounciations in my head and have to unlearn them.

Some questions! The word et is always pronounced without the t even when followed by a vowel? and est as well? (thus, C'est is only pronounced 'say' even with vowels in front?) Are the conjugations for il and ils pronounced the same even though ils has three more letters?

I love playing Risk.  This was with C's family for FHE.

This is a petroleum sucker.  I have no idea what it is really called, but it is super loud.

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