Monday, October 28, 2013

6 months down! (18 to go)

Finally! Just like what happens on a normal mission, I get to stay in an area with the same companion for more than only 6 weeks. It's actually good luck that I get to stay here at least another 6 weeks! This is a huge blessing, because first, I get to be with my amigo Elder S another month and a half, and second I get to work in an area that I just got used to and actually know how to orient myself and get around. Now that we know all the members really well it will be easier to work with them, too.

Another part I can't wait for about being here another 6 weeks is that I will get to experience the coldest cold Mexico has to offer. The days of proselyting in sarapes shall come. (Big Abram smile) Also, the stores here are beginning to sell gloves and hats! I will be staying at least until the week before Christmas, methinks.

Really, I am very grateful I can stay another six weeks. My life was starting to become highly irregular and it just added to the stress that everything was changing all the time. Graduate from high school, work all summer (literally), go to BYU 4 months, have a completely different 4 months the next semester, go to the MTC with 2 companions, go to Vegas with 2 more companions, survive another 6 weeks with even 2 more companions, get transferred, and then get transferred again! Second to how awesome Elder S is, I really wanted to stay here just to finally not pack up a suitcase and move again. And the blessing has come. I feel a lot more relieved just to know that I have a 'home' for another little while. Even though we're going to move down the street because the house we're currently in has demons, I'm just moving across the street.

So the house doesn't actually have demons, but some very odd things have happened. Now that I can't use my special curse to break technology my anti-tech waves are seeping into the environment. So far, my razor has come to life, our light bulb spontaneously exploded, the door just broke, the microwave turned into a time machine, the light in the bedroom randomly turns on at night, we have a hole in the floor, and objects in the house move around at night and end up in different places in the morning. Mostly the house is just old and the one across the street is new, doesn't have mold on the walls, and can be dedicated by us without having been used by previous missionaries who got kicked out months ago for not working. There's some random news for you.

Also, my glasses finally arrived! The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I called the place every single day for two weeks after the date they said they would be there to pressure them into getting the product to arrive in case the mission transferred me, and on Saturday they came!

Also, I found this week a family I would consider to be ''golden'' investigators! I was riding in the combi (the decked out van) and had a prompting to stop a little bit sooner than we usually did. I obeyed the prompting and walked about 30 seconds when a man called out: ''Hey, ministers! I have a question!'' Turns out he's the head of Alcoholics Anonymous for the whole region here and he invited us to give a 1 hour talk in November about the religious aspect of avoiding alcohol. To like 2 thousand people. Of course we said yes. (That is a lot of potential investigators.) We then gave him a 1 minute lesson about the apostasy and he said, ''I am going to your Church tomorrow with my whole family. When does it start?'' He came to Church with his wife and 2 kids all on his own! The closing hymn was ''I Am a Child of God.'' After singing the hymn, he told me, ''I know this Church is true just because of how beautiful this hymn makes me feel.'' Yes, that's called the Holy Ghost. We gave each of them a Book of Mormon and he asked if he could take home the class manuals as well. We meet with the family Thursday and I know it will go well for us.

Love you!

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