Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh, Mexico

I didn't print off letters this morning because I was busy learning how to cook from a chef of a 5 star restaurant from Playa del Carmen in the part of Mexico just north of Belize. He is a missionary, but before the mission he was a pro chef for 6 years. Then he got baptized and left on his mission at 25 years old! Anyway, he taught me how to cut avocados and tomatoes (which I'm not scared of anymore after all the wicked things I've had to eat in Mexico... my only fear that still exists is mustard...) and how to just do all sorts of fun things. It was the zone P day activity, but really it was me, my companion, and the chef making food for everybody else who doesn't even say thank you. But it was alright because the food was excellent and Elder U is hilarious.

Another thing you can do to make memories in Mexico is help your branch mission leader artificially inseminate his cows. In few words, it is the most interesting service I have ever given. It just made me laugh that I'm out here in the middle of nowhere Mexico with this cute little Mexican farmer helping him produce more cows for his farm and it's just totally normal for him to be out there in his overalls all day on the farm milking and everything. I like my area.  Oh, Mexico.

Another thing you can do to make memories in Mexico is talk all day long with your companion. Elder S is hilarious. I cannot count the laughs that we have had. The funniest thing we do is label things as ''jaladas'' (the word means something like rip off or ridiculousness.) For example, somebody informed us that God can only ward of the devil with a cross in hand. Another example is the road 'improvement' here in rural Mexico... they just threw pavement on top 'al azar' and now the road is one to three feet higher than the curb. Excellent for dropping off people in Taxis or Combis. Another was the professional locksmith who said the door handle we bought couldn't be installed... so we talked with our neighbor who brought over a screwdriver and put it in. We tell so many funny stories at night. I just really like my companionship. It rocks.

Another thing you do to make memories in Mexico is just love the people. I'm glad there's no rule prohibiting that.

I am doing well and things are great.  I love you and miss you.

This is what it looks like when you have 5 Mexicans and one gringo in a Taxi.
Cooking lessons for P day

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