Monday, November 25, 2013

Poco a poco

Nowhere in the rules does it say don't make friends with the local police, so that's what we've done. We commenced our friendship when we heard somebody shout ''Elderes'' (which usually means an old investigator is calling us) and we turned to see it was a policeman! Not alarmed, we started talking to him and he said once a long time ago he saw a pair of Elders and they said they'd go to his house but never did. Oh, well! The next day we stopped by the city hall and made friends with all the city police. They all listened to Lesson 1 and said they are interested and we handed out the Book of Mormon to all of them. They actually are reading and praying and they don't work every other Sunday, so we know that 'poco a poco' they are going to come into the fold. I'm totally content with sowing where the ground has never been sown. The coolest part about having police friends is that they give you free rides whenever you ask for them. I wish I could send you my video of how the view is from the police truck in the back! But getting rides from the cops is super fun.

Something my comp and I did this week to try to find new investigators was give a presentation at the big annual Teteles AA meeting. Of course, in rural Mexico a large meeting in the cultural center means 150 people, but it went really well for us and we both got little plaques of recognition for helping out. And of the 150 people we invited to Church... nobody came this Sunday. But, there are now at least 100 families who have never heard of the Church before who now have a pamphlet and our phone number in hand who know the nice boys in white shirts who say drinking is bad and will be more open in the future. We are sowing where it has never been sown, and I am content with that.

I again express my gratitude for Elder S. He has made the past few months of my mission fun and enjoyable despite all that goes on here. He has likewise appreciated me because we have been very successful in making our own circle. In two weeks with transfers it's likely we won't be together still.  He is seriously the best.  Me cae bien.

This photo was after we gave our fun presentation on ''self esteem.'' We basically took scriptures and replaced the word ''autoestima'' for ''faith'' or ''goodness'' or other such words and made a great, Music and the Spoken Word neutral like presentation out of it. It was a fun task to compose

This is the Branch President's son. He invites me to come eat dinner at his house every night! 

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