Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Adventure to Yohualichan

Today for our preparation day, some members took us on a very exciting adventure.  We had to get up very early to get our usual laundry and shopping done, and then we were off to see the ruins!  We drove about 3 hours to find them, but we finally got there.  And it was awesome.  Our guide was named Valentino and he told us the history of Yohualichan, the ruins in the pictures. 
 There's this game all the ancient civilizations used to play kind of like basketball. Well, this is the largest field of the ball game in all of Mesoamerica! The walls are 90 meters long, which is the record length for any ruins yet uncovered.

 I was trying to hard to not get car sick...and then I took this picture and nearly barfed.  Luckily, I was able to fall asleep and the carsickness was gone.  If you look at a map of how to get here, you will see why I was so carsick.
So, people actually climb all the way up this pole and then dangle themselves from the top by a long rope and spin in circles. Yeah. Let's say I climbed high enough.
 An example of a Catholic prayer in Nahuac and in Spanish.  Many people up here in the mountain villages still speak only Nahuac.

I love serving here in the mountains of Mexico.  I love the people, I love the villages, I love the food.  The people here are so kind, generous and humble.

Mom, please bring warm chocolate chip cookies to the airport in 18 months when I come home.  I have missed them ridiculously.

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