Monday, October 7, 2013

This week in Teziutlán

Yes, I got the pouch mail! I actually got about 10 a month ago and 10 more this week. The thing is that the mail only comes once a month to missionaries who aren't in Xalapa. Sister Eliason always times her cards perfectly. It makes me laugh because they're always the most recently sent yet they always arrive with the older mail. It's like she's spying the mission offices and writing accordingly. It makes me laugh.

The other packages arrived with all their contents in order! Just put la Virgen de Guadalupe on the box and we're good. The Piano Guys books also came. That Jon Schmidt is hilarious. His sidenotes... yes, he is a human being. Feel confident in sending more goods to your son who so eagerly awaits them. ;)

Yes, that was definitely the best General Conference ever.  Even President Monson said so. Period. Every single talk. I loved it.

It really was a conference of warning. I can't wait to study the Liahona magazine when it gets here. I also appreciated the repeated use of 'Not only... but also...' by Elder Cook. It made me smile because seemingly nobody but Mr. Pierce and I ever follow that rule.

Basically my whole week was focused on General Conference and arranging a Gringo room so that I could watch it in English. Even the Mexican Elders who don't understand a word of English say it's better in English. Apostles just have magical voices.

In other news, this week President came to a zone class we had. He came to do interviews afterward. Mine was pretty short - I just asked that I stay in my area at least another transfer. 'I have 8 companions in four areas in 2 countries in four transfers. I would like a little regularity in my mission and to stay here at least a little bit more than a transfer.' He told me I will stay as long as he gets results.

The culture here is quite fun! Members are used to things taking a long time so they just take hours out of their day to help us. It's fun hiking around with helpers finding houses in random places. The whole place isn't totally rural, but a lot of inactive members live way out in the backwoods and we've got to go find them. I really am grateful for America's highway system and road management. Even though I still might complain that the freeway is too narrow when I get back, I'll be grateful that at least I have a place to drive. Or a thing to drive! Nobody has cars here. We go around all day in decked out 15 passenger vans that serve as big taxis. Fun times.

I love you! Enjoy the pictures!


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