Monday, October 14, 2013

El Dorito

 I realize I didn't ever send a picture of the dog bite! It's all better now, but this is what it looked like.

My Luchador name is ''El Dorito.'' It goes with my title Elder and my last name Dorrough, which is funny because 'El Dorito' literally means 'the cute little Dorrough'.
Sarape!!! It is quite warm and assuming I stay here for the winter I will actually get to wear it while I proselyte! So fun. At least those rules are lax!

Huipiles!!! I got one for Mom and one for Heidi.

If any other family member wants a sarape or huipil, they're about 20-30 bucks each. I am saving my own tourist money for future things, but if Dad or somebody wants one I'd just take out money or something. Considering the rate at which my clothes and possessions are disintegrating here, I have space in my suitcases to take them around. This is the best area in all of Mexico to get them!

 (The E means no parking.) ''Tires slashed for free.'' The sign made me laugh so I took a picture. Spanish is so silly.

This week I went on splits with my District Leader, Elder D. He's the bomb. He made the remark during the day that of the two gringo Elders in Mexico who can actually speak Mexican, they're right here. He learned Spanish just here in the mission and he learned it by total reliance upon the Holy Ghost. He has a softer voice so when he speaks in Spanish he just sounds like he's from a south part of the country. Because I learned from my Norteño friends everybody thinks I'm from Obregón because of my accent... which is funny. I'll have to ask Alejandro and Alejandra where their parents are from. Anyway, he's a convert of just a year before the mission, but man is he a convert. It was THE BEST to just talk all day in him with English about random gospel things. That's what I did all day before Mexico and it felt good to have a 24 hour period of that again. The scriptures and Apostle's words really are just more special in the first language.

We had a blast at our party/family home evening this Friday. 20 kids showed up and only four adults did. So, we had a blast. It was actually when I was on splits with Elder D, and the talk about just relaxing and following the Spirit sprouted from the family home evening. We played random games like no other with all of the adorable Mexican children. It was so stinking fun to just serve people like people. It reminded me of stories of people coming from Europe to see the prophet Joseph Smith expecting some stern old man like Moses... and when they saw him running around in the grass playing ball and goofing around with all the children, the new converts didn't actually believe he was the prophet! Yet that characteristic is exactly what made him Brother Joseph.

My favorite thing I did was cut corn for a family. We showed up to teach and I felt to ask instead, Can we help you in the field? The lady hopped right out of her seat and grabbed us two machetes. Off we went! We spent three hours just chopping and piling corn stalks to be gathered later on. I love good old fashioned hard work. It feels so satisfying and the time just flies! Going about the rest of the day preaching in dirty clothes is fun, too. Plus, we have now gained the trust of the lady.

I want to send several pictures today, so I'll leave the letter here. I love you!

Elder Dorrough

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