Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This week

This week we celebrated another fun Mexican tradition, ''Día de los Reyes Magos''. In Mexico, Santa Claus gives you presents on 24 December and then on 6 January the wise men come and give you more presents! In addition to opening presents, families also make a special bread called ''Rosca de Reyes'' and everybody eats a slice. Hidden within the bread are Little figurines of the baby Jesús. If Jesús shows up in your bread slice, you have to make tamales at the next party!

I know that in missionary work the Holy Ghost works in people's hearts. The humblest investigators sincerely ask and thus receive, as the scriptures so indicate. Yesterday we had an experience with a family that made us quite delighted. A young lady accompanied us to church for the second consecutive week. She told us before we had even started the lesson, ''I want to join the Church of Jesus Christ. I already know it's true.'' She read, she asked, and she received.

The Ward threw out a lot of their old library materials yesterday and said the members could take anything they wanted. There were about a thousand Liahonas in Spanish, class manuals, etc. Amidst all the materials I found three English Ensigns! All three are from the early 80s. I felt at home again reading the old general conference talks in English. I really miss studying Elder Maxwell's teachings. That man is seriously so witty.  ''The church is for the perfecting of the saints, not a well-catered resting home for the already perfected.''  He's incredibly funny and I think his talks would not be at all the same in any other language. The message just doesn't get through the translation.

Sometimes we get caught in the rain without an umbrella.  Here's what some people do in that situation.  Smart!

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