Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good fortune

Today Elder O and I ate Chinese food. I got a wonderful fortune in my cookie: ''Serás famoso y te casarás con una persona muy guapa.'' I don't think I have ever had a better fortune come from a cookie.  It was even better than the one I got a few days before my mission about how Wednesday would be the day that changes my life, and I was leaving on Wednesday.

So about being famoso...

A group of greenies came up to me. ''Hey, you're the guy from the blog!'' ''No way!'' ''It's Elder Dorrough!'' ''Wait a second, I'm going to get my camera!'' And one of them actually took pictures with me. I guess I'm the number one google hit when somebody searches ''Xalapa mission'' or something.

You won't be surprised to know that my curse still breaks everything with which I have contact.

However! On a more positive note. 3 months and two days left! That would make my mission exactly two years and zero days long.

The date is 99.99 percent official. They haven't sent me the flight plan yet but Sister Greer showed me on her laptop (even just seeing an Apple product shocked me) that the departure date for my generation is the 29th.  

It's not just the Apple products I will be shocked to see when I get to the US. Also the trash bins. Seats with padding. Public bathrooms. ''No smoking'' signs. People in suits. Men without moustaches.

I really do love Mexico.  I love the people and the culture and the food and everything.  I know I will miss it when I come home.

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