Monday, January 19, 2015

I love Poza Rica

I’m quite excited to see how the office project turns out! Schedule a cleaning for me the first Monday I'm back, would you?

Alex emailed me. If one of the roommates ends up moving out, it'd be pretty sweet for me to stay there with Alex. I'll need a plan B and C, though...

What a fun bread making project! Speaking of food! My favorite Mexican food would have to be mole. It's so different from any food I'd had in the states. I have officially gotten rid of my bean-phobia (since who knows how long ago) and enjoy eating Mexican tacos, enchiladas, tortas, molotes, bocoles, tostadas, doradas, empanadas. and at least three other dozen foods I've tried. The only food I still definitely don't like is spaghetti. I much prefer rice.

Mole...  I guess you just have to get used to it. It depends on what region you're in, too. El mole poblano (de Puebla) is different from the Veracruz mole. In any case, at this point I really like it!

Well, I should have two more weeks here with my buddy Ortiz. But really, I don't know. I could be with him another transfer or we could get special transferred or they could send me somewhere else or they could close our area. I'll just enjoy serving these amazing people here until I am called to go somewhere else.  It is fun to be in such a big area and ward.  It's impossible to predict the transfers. That's been one of my favorite parts of the mission recently. I know the Lord is at the head. He is ultimately the one in charge.

I look forward to going to Rockwood and asking for the food in Spanish. We have to go on several Rockwood adventures when I'm back so I can show you everything I ate for two years.  I'll be sure to show you what foods actually taste good and what foods you eat just to be polite, don't worry.

Being home in three months really does just sound so awesome to say. Three months is nothing. Compared to two years, three months is going to be pretty short.  And I know it will be hard to leave Mexico when the time comes.  I really love it here.

I can't wait to give you a recap of my whole mission. Assuredly that recap is going to take about 3 hours to tell. The funniest thing about telling mission stories is when somebody asks you to tell a story you can't remember it, but when you start talking about a companion that's when all the stories come to mind.
 A view of Poza Rica.
 Elder O and a member's dog.
 I snapped this from far away, but I knew Mom would love this minion piñata party going on in the street.
 We dressed up a dog like Elder O.

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