Monday, December 8, 2014

Club América

I'm glad that Zacky dude made some sweet money selling cocoa last weekend.  What a cute kid.

I love the coke can Nativity you sent me. It knocked my socks off. That's both outrageously hilarious and outrageously Mexican.  I love how it takes all of Christmas down to the basics.  Nothing fancy to distract from the true meaning of Christmas.

The weather in Poza Rica has been quite pleasant these past few weeks. It's a nice place to be in the winter because it's just hot enough to be enjoyable without being overly scorching.

I'm not playing as much soccer in Poza Rica as I did in Xalapa (with Elder Valdès that was basically a requirement for Mondays), but I still do enjoy playing. Our recent converts all like Club America and they're keeping me updated on the league results. Looks like America might win it all this year! That'd be fantastic.

My package was already in Xalapa but President is waiting until the Christmas conference on the 18th to hand over all the packages. I sure hope I will be with Elder Ortiz for Christmas!

Don't worry, Mom. In just 4 months and 20 days you can talk all day long with me and hear my voice as much as you'd like. I'm not quite sure what I'll even talk about but I will likely tell all the mission stories I can remember.

I sat down last week with the David Lanz book and played through the whole album. Hurray muscle memory!

A random nighttime selfie.
 Taking a picture of a man taking a picture of a duck.
 I had my first barbecued steak this week.  I miss America.
 Club América is in a position to win the finals this week.  We are all excited about that.
 My buddy loves Club América as well.
 I'm still not too great at dribbling the ball, but I can actually kick it now.
 Mondays we play fútbol in the mornings, and it is always so fun to do something different.

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