Monday, November 17, 2014

Poza Rica!!!

Poza Rica is actually quite like Papantla! The barrio PetroMex borders my area from Papantla, I believe. I thought they'd put me smack dab in the middle of the city, but I'm on the outskirts. All the jungliness and hills and all. This week it actually got relatively cold, but not too cold. I'm glad I gave my winter jacket (the black one) to Elder V. He must be freezing in Xalapa! 

My new companion's name is Elder O - ¡y es Costarricense! My streak of companions from different countries continues. He's awesome. It would be nearly impossible to be a better companion than Elder V, but Elder O looks like he's going to tie it up. I have more in common with him than any other companion I've had, even going back to Vegas. First off - He speaks English! Not only does he like it, but he also prefers it to Spanish! In that aspect he and I are twinners. In the house we talk in English and out working we talk in Spanish. Secondly - he loves music! We have awesome guitar/harmonica duets in the house and for comp study we sing hymns in parts. Third off - he's a total nerd! he loves to read, likes Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, history, economics, so many geeky things I hadn't had in common with any of my companions until now.

My plan to tell everybody I'm from Spain is working out quite well. They all believe it. When people find out I'm from the states they ask, ''Then how do you speak Spanish so well? Your accent is completely native and you talk so fluidly!'' Elder O is a jokester as well and is totally cool with playing the silly ''where's he from'' game. After a while of people saying I'm from Spain, he will say - ''Just kidding. He's actually French!'' or, ''He's from England!''

I have had about 10 people this week tell me that I look like Daniel Radcliffe. I don't know if it's the Poza Rica eyesight or what, because nobody in Xalapa told me that. Possibly something to do with my glasses, I think.

We have three baptisms programmed for this Sunday. They're all cool and come to church and the activities on their own.

We'll see how these last five months fare! So far the people are a lot more open than the Jalapeños. Also, my area is at least 15 times as big, which helps a lot. There are people who haven't heard of us before!

I said goodbye to my Xalapa family...
 My new companion.
 A random guy painted silver and juggling machetes.  No big deal.

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