Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dia de Muertos

This past week was fun! Sadly, this week shall be my last with Elder V. Of that I am 99% sure. There's no way to tell, as President Greer could always surprise us, but 3 transfers with one companion is a good chunk of time.  I am so grateful I have spent such a length of time with Elder V.  He is so great. I expect to get transfer news this Sunday. My best guess is I will be  likely finishing my mission in my next area. Hopefully it is so - the longer I spend in one area, the quicker time seems to fly by!

One thing is for sure - whatever my next area may be, there will be more people to teach there. I'll arrive at my next area with a very positive spirit and ready to work for 5 and a half more months!

As of today I have 5 months 26 days left... having fewer than 6 months until you go home is a weird feeling. I am finally starting to feel like this adventure is going to be over soon.  I have loved this adventure, but it will be so fun to be home with my family.  I am so grateful I was called to serve my mission in Mexico, and feel like I really am Mexican on the inside as my MTC companions told me.

Yesterday A was baptized. He is a very special convert. The way he got to know the missionaries, how he received the message, how he has changed and how he is now such a spiritual person have all impressed me. The stories are long to tell by email but I'll gladly tell them when I'm back home.

It is always so fun and interesting to see Dia de Muertos in action.  The colors are so beautiful mixed with the creepy skeletons.  I love Mexico.

Three colors of corn!

The baptism yesterday.

 One of the many alters we saw set up on Saturday.

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