Monday, October 27, 2014

Tacos al pastor y Fanta....y limones gigantes

What a crazy week for you at home indeed! 

My week was a little less crazy... I am actually out of ideas as to what to write. Toward the end of your mission you do start running out of ideas of what to write a lot easier. Only two more months until Christmas! I look forward to skyping the whole family again.

A will be getting baptized this Sunday! He has progressed very well and keeps all the commandments we teach him.  He is truly an incredible man and I am blessed to have met him and teach him.

Yesterday the other elders in the ward baptized somebody... and the doors to the font wouldn't open up, so nobody could see the baptism. Because we're in a chapel we have to go to another chapel to baptize and we didn't have the key. That was interesting.  We will have things all figured out for next week for our baptism.

We returned the fish alive, no worries.

 The city of Naulinco as seen from Xalapa.
 This is the lucky little guy I gave the Hot Wheels car to.  What a treasure you (Mom and Savanna) found at the store.  Thanks for sending it to me to give away.  Mexican fútbol team Hot Wheels!
 This is a lime.  I didn't believe it, either!!


  1. My name is Paul and I'm from Corpus Christi. I follow your blog because I'm a big fan of the City of Xalapa. My son and I visited there in 2010 and I love seeing pictures of my favorite Mexican City. I'm wondering where you were when you took the magnificent picture of Noalinco which even shows the waterfalls below the town. I'm sort of an armchair traveler on Google Maps and like to know where photos are shot from. I'm not Mormon, but God bless you for the good work you do around the world. Best of luck on your mission. Thanks........Paul

  2. Should have entered my email address.