Monday, October 20, 2014

Feeling better

I'm entirely better thanks to the gallons of electrolites I chugged. Also the fact that I rested all day.  I think I just was severely dehydrated, and some fluids and rest were all that I needed. 

Woah... your record has been ruined... but at least you goofed up the date in advance and not after the ACT had already been administrated. I'm glad Jake is doing so well in school. (Note from Mom: I sent Jacob last weekend to take the ACT on the wrong day...)

That's a hilarious story about the tortillas chips! ¿Cuáles son los totopos más ricos? Here I'm not exactly sure, everybody tends to eat a lot more tortillas than tortilla chips. Still, how funny to ask the Mexican family and ignore you altogether. The good news is that when it comes to cultural comments, it's difficult to offend Mexican people. Personal comments obviously impact them a lot, but culturally to them everybody is the same.  It's a little detail of Mexico I will miss a lot in six months.  (Note from Mom:  at Winco I was buying cilantro and so was a cute Mexican family next to me.  A white lady came up and asked the Mexican family (and not me) what their favorite brand of tortilla chips was and on what aisle to find them. I couldn’t believe it.)

Six months is a whole lot shorter than two years... man, in three months, I will only have three months left. That is so weird.

Brother A told me I should write a little book called ''Mis tropiezos culinarios'' (my cooking stumbles... or something... I'm not exactly sure how to translate that) when I get back home detailing all of the things I ate in Mexico and how those foods have eliminated my fear to eat anything. I think it would make for at least a fun blog post! 

A is progressing super well. I'm so happy to have found another prepared person in my area. If President hadn't closed the 3rd area in this ward, we wouldn't have been able to teach him, but we got the part of the area where A lives. What a super golden investigator! He accepts absolutely everything the gospel asks of him with such joy and professionalism I can't believe he's a real person. He has gone through many sad experiences recently and realizes that if he had kept all the commandments since the beginning then he would not have any of the problems he currently does. If everything works out well, he will be baptized this Sunday. If not, maybe sometime next week or next Sunday.

Apart from him, we're still having trouble finding people who want to learn and change, but I'm happy knowing I found the people the Lord put there for me to find.

We currently have a fish in our apartment. We asked an inactive sister at her doorstep if there were anything we could do to help her and she said,''Yes! give me one second.'' She went back into the house and came out with a little fish tank in hand. ''Could you watch my fish for a few days?  They're going to fumigate my house because of a rat infestation and if I leave the fish here it will die.'' Well, even though technically we're not allowed to have animals in the house... we did ask if we could help you... so... we'll take your fish. We're going to return the fish today. 

You have no idea how big of a hug I am going to give you when I come back, Mom. I could almost feel that moment while pondering one night this week. It was so special. You and Dad really are the best parents ever. If I learned two things on the mission: 1, I have the best parents ever. I'm so glad I have always treated you with love and respect. 2, Everything works out in the end. The Lord sometimes asks us to pass through trials that we can't understand but we have to take the leap of faith and realize that all things to Him are one eternal round.

My cute little friend loves Harry Potter so much that she wore her cloak to church this week.
 After soccer this morning.
 Do you like my Paris-St. Germaine jersey?  I found it at the market here!

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