Saturday, November 15, 2014


Ah! Transfer news! I'm going to Poza Rica! The PetroMex ward. Yes, the ward has so many members working for PetroMex that that's the name of the ward. My companion's name is Elder O. I know two Elder Oand I'm not sure which it is. He's either Mexican or Guatemalan. I hope he's fun and a hard worker!

Huela a miercoles, yes. But the good news is it's winter time so it won't be very hot there anymore. Also, I because I can't smell, the oil stench in the air won't affect me.

Yes, it will be warm, but not the overwhelming 110 degrees like it is over the summer. I travel there tomorrow morning.

I'm happy you got the photos from Sister Isis.  She told me that she sent you the quinciñera photos. She was just waiting for you to respond all day Sunday. I love that family and will really miss them.

I had an interview with President Greer on Thursday - in his Honda Odyssey! He had told the whole mission he was going to do interviews in our houses, but he ended up doing them in the car while Sister Greer talked with the other companion in the house. He sure has a tough job figuring out all the transfers and keeping tabs on 230 missionaries.   We also talked about his new grandchildren, how I felt about my testimony, and other random things. Today in his letter he thanked me for my attitude.

I can't wait to meet the members in Poza Rica!

A swarm of bees!!

 Subway here is like subway at home.   Just no spinach.

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