Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Almost Christmas!

Yesterday Club America won the Mexican league championship! Number 1 team in Mexico! I'm a happy camper. There were a lot of people last night driving around in pickup trucks throwing Fireworks and shouting, ''America! America!’'

The game was apparently fun to watch because the other team started to get really frustrated, threw some punches, and three players got ejected, basically handing the win over to America. America is now the all-time record holder for Mexican championships!

I'm really grateful I went to Mexico on the mission. It has taught me that worrying about your daughter because she won't practice the piano is possibly the easiest trial somebody could hope for. I look so forward to raising a family and having all of those Little things come up. It's a lot easier than things I see people here having to deal with.

Transfer news! Elder Ortiz and I will be together until the first week of February, so we'll be celebrating Christmas together.   Vamos a festejar como unos ticos locochones (a tico is somebody from Costa Rica).

I randomly ran into my old companion this week!

Can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas.

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