Monday, January 6, 2014

¡Feliz año nuevo!

This was an interesting week. Elder S left at 6 in the morning on Tuesday and it wasn't until the next night that I really started to miss him. I realized why... I hadn't made another close friend in 8 whole months.

So, I went on exchanges Friday with Elder D, my District Leader! It was the best day of my mission. I just worked hard contacting referrals and teaching all day long until 9 o clock. Elder D got to see all the people of my area but also got to meet J, the girl we baptized 2 days later. She is our newest member, and her grandma is an angel.

We came back to my modest home... Then the party started. It began with a gingerbread house. I finally bought aluminum foil to make the base so we got started! The artsy fartsy side is Elder D's work. The not as artistic but equally as tasty side is Elder Dorrough's work. Let me tell you that eating just a gingerbread house for breakfast is probably not a good idea for your tummy. We stayed up laughing and joking and having an awesome time. Elder D has also become a good friend of mine. We may or may not have kept curfew. ''Elder Dean, can we stay up late talking?'' ''I don't know, let me ask my District Leader...'' So I got to share with him many aspects of my life and family and personality that I haven't shared with anybody for a long time. 

In the morning Saturday I finally had the comp study I've been wanting to have since I left Vegas over 6 months ago. We were able to listen to Conference talks and discuss their content and significance for us. I finally felt like Abram again! It was fantasically splendiferous.

Things with my comp... well, they're interesting... he's from Monterrey and that's basically all he knows how to talk about. He's very proud to be from Monterrey. The fun part is he's my first Norteño companion so we both talk the same. 

I had a super fun New Year's Eve with fireworks... yes!

Until next week!
Love, Abram

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