Tuesday, December 31, 2013

¡Adios, amigo!

Why must my entire mission be so unique and interesting?... Guess what! Special transfer news at 5:00 - Elder S goes to Xalapa tomorrow and I get a new companion. His name is Elder Se. I met Elder Se the first day in Mexico because from my 'generation' there are like 30 gringos and he was the only Mexican and I was the only one who could talk with him while we waited. Let's hope he's just as fun! That'll be hard to beat...  I'll be a senior comp again. Special transfers hardly ever happen... they're sending Elder S to work in the mission offices (he also preaches after 4 PM each day) and he is getting three extra weeks for reason X and reason Y. The good news is he says every single package I get he'll send it up to me de volada! 

Elder S was finally going to be with the same comp 3 transfers and he just didn't make it! In any case, I don't have much time to write today because we have to go back home so he can pack his suitcases and clean up the house. We didn't really get a whole lot of warning time!  Thank you, Elder S. I'll miss you, buddy!

Well, what a fun week with Christmas time in Mexico! My favorite part was definitely the Skype call to my family. Needless to say being ripped off of my Mother's day call only made the Christmas call more special. It was also special because our friend was nice enough to lend us his computers.  

This week we worked our butts off finding and searching every nook and cranny for somebody who might want to come to church... and nothing came through. Thankfully, as we were just on the brink of disencouragement, our favorite sister of the branch told us that her granddaughter wants to get baptized. It was a very special lesson because it was the first person I have found who wanted to be baptized before we even taught her. She'll be baptized this Sunday because she's gone to church before (and her grandma's an angel)! 

Again, I apologize for not having much time, but you know, ''I'll go where you want me to go!''' says Elder S.

I love you!
 Lost in Translation.  ¡El freno de cafe!

 This is my pig.  His name is Francisco, and in a few short years a family will eat him.
This is our angel member who will have her granddaughter baptized this weekend.

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