Monday, December 16, 2013

Sheep do our yardwork!

Hello, world!

So it turns out this week is Virgin Guadalupe week… woulda thunk… it was very hard to teach people out here in rural Mexico because they were all too busy either dancing and lighting fires. The 12th was particularly crazy because it’s Virgin day. The whole world was out on the street going loco.

Something very funny this week was when we mowed our lawn. Here’s how you do it in rural Mexico: You find the local shepherds and ask them to come to your house with their sheep to eat your grass. The shepherds follow you herding their sheep in the street over to your house and you watch the sheep eat away. The best part is they do it for free! We traded our long grass for the service of having the grass removed. Barter and trade is a pretty sweet deal.

I’ve started collecting all sorts of Mexican coins. There is a special edition of 5 peso coin that has the face of a Mexican Independence or Mexican Revolutionary figure instead of the number 5 on the front. They are quite rare because the banks have incentivized that they don’t go back into circulation, so the collection of all 50 is worth 400 dollars! So far I have 11 of the 50. My goal is to complete the collection before I go. Also! I have found a bunch of old Mexican currency and have a lot of the old 1 peso coin to give to all the family as a gift.

On Saturday we had a stake Christmas dinner. More than anything it shocked me to see how many members there are in a ward! After being in a branch for so long, I had forgotten there was such a thing as youth or young adults and the like. There were like 400 people who were members packed in the cultural room! One part of the activity I liked was they had a fat guy in a Santa suit and beard and all the people were swarming over to him to take pictures instead of listen to the musical talents on stage. The whole deal was pretty funny and I enjoyed interacting with a whole stake of members in a night.

This Friday for the FHE party the missionaries are going to put on the Branch Christmas activity! Elder S and I are going all out for this one and everybody is assigned to bring a special Mexican Christmas food, so we'll see how it goes. 

This was the day we got the lawn mowed.
 Traditional Guadalupe celebrations.
 I think this guy on the road was drunk and decided to sleep there.
 A selfie in my new abrigo.  It is soooo cold here.
 Photo effects without a computer.  Iron Man!

Aubs, good job in school. You survived and you had fun, which is what freshman year is about. Hopefully your study skills are top notch and the rest will be easier for you.

Jake, prepare to be a missionary. It's quite an adventure at the least. Make sure to raise Sycther well. Also, remember, you can always dye your hair if you want.

Joel, keep those laughs a coming. Your charm is what earns you As in high school - I definitely saw that, too.

Noah, protect the white package at all costs!! Code blue, buddy, code blue!!

Savvy, I didn't know you were growing out your hair until I saw your picture! How awesome are you? Too awesome. ;)

Zack, can you send me more art? It brings smiles to me and my Mexican friends when we see your pieces of art come in the mail. Draw Elder Sanchez playing the electric bass so I can give it to him!

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