Monday, January 27, 2014

Buenos dias from Papantla!

Elder C is my new companion. He is the youngest Elder in the whole mission! He turned 18 in June and left for the mission in October. He just ended his training. I've put a big emphasis on the Spirit with him. He's definitely very very calm... almost too calm at times, but it's better than uptight.

And my house! It's so wonderful! I can't even believe it's Mexico. Apart from the humidity and Mexican food in the fridge, it would look like any other American dorm apartment. The best part... I STILL HAVE HOT WATER! I greatly appreciate the Elders who found this place because I will be very comfortable living here for 4.5 to 6 more months.

Biggest shocker of the week - in Teteles about 35 people on average attended Church, of whom 4 were missionaries and 10 were little children who aren't members. This Sunday more than 230 people attended the ward meetings. And they stayed all three hours. (jaw dropping) I didn't even know what to do. It scared me at first. The sad part... there's only a keyboard in the sacrament room... and the piano is in the primary room. I don't know whose idea that was, but at least I can play on an actual instrument for the bajillion little kids to sing like angelic monsters.

Papantla is all hills. Up and down and up and down and my legs get a great workout every day. I love it because some of these hills really shouldn't be legal. There was actually one case 2 days ago in my area of a car that hit and killed a lady at the bottom of a hill here (and because this is Mexico there's still blood on the street) but with my guardian angels I know traffic is of no concern to me.

Thanks to my fun zone activity at the beach, I don't have a lot of time to write today, but I am very excited to be in Papantla.

Love, Abram
My last picture from Teteles.  By the famous Atempan school mural with Tigger and his arm coming out of his head.

 My companion and I at a recent convert's house.
Papantla is all hills.  This one is about a 70-degree climb.  This should not even be legal.  I do love this city.  All of those hills are covered-up Aztec ruins, and Tajin, some of Mexico's most famous ruins are in my ward.
 From our zone activity at the beach today.

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