Monday, July 29, 2013

Another week in Tuxpan

Yesterday was the best sacrament meeting ever. My companions and I actually showed up to Church on time so I told the Bishop I would play the piano.  Everybody was singing, and I mean everybody! The past weeks without a piano, nobody really sang except the Bishop. I am so grateful Grandma taught me how to really play hymns in sacrament meeting - the closing hymn was Called To Serve, and in Spanish there are 4 verses. Each verse I played slightly more powerfully than the last and the Holy Ghost filled the room as every person in the congregation started singing with more and more power. When the last verse arrived I was playing 5-note chords with my left hand and everybody was singing like there was a Spanish MoTab and the Holy Ghost manifested such exceeding joy to everybody in the room. It was incredible. What was awesome was that before we sang that hymn, I got to give my first talk in Spanish. My topic was La Obra Misional (missionary work.) I wrote nothing down and gave the whole talk as the Holy Ghost dictated what I should say. Everybody in the room smiled when I talked. I got to share my love for the Mexican people to the whole ward at the same time and it made me happy just to do that. As soon as I finished I jumped off the stand and went over to the piano. The whole experience just felt awesome and much different than my past few weeks.

After Church we had three baptisms, two children of a less active member who is returning to Church and an investigator named Brother O. Brother O is my sign from the Lord that as soon as I am in a normal companionship with just one companion that I things will be normal. With Brother O I got to speak unrestrained and teach the lessons adapted entirely to him and I got to bond and talk and grow with Brother O. I got to share with him my personal testimony of the Book of Mormon and read it with him. I got to visit him and see  how his life is going and adapt the principles we need to teach to his humble circumstances. Above all, I got to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord in helping Brother O come to know by the power of the Holy Ghost that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church upon the face of the earth. In his words, This Church has to be the truth. There is no other option! Whereas two weeks ago he had never even heard of the Church, now he reads from the Book of Mormon and the Bible daily and knows by the Holy Ghost that prophets and apostles lead and guide us today. 

Anywho, one thing I can say is I'm glad I have Elder M to talk with. (Note inserted from Mom here--the other companion in this trio is NOT a bundle of fun).  He has helped keep me sane. This Sunday was a tender mercy from the Lord that showed me what I will be able to do when I have a different companion.

Also, 6-year old C is my best friend at Church. Attached is a photo of me goofing around with him. He is such a special little spunk. His mom gives me cookies every week to express her gratitude for making her child so happy on Sundays. The Lord sent me to Mexico because culturally I can actually bond with the children here. Having grown up as the oldest of 7, I'm just used to wrestling and flying and bouncing off of walls and running around playing tag with children. Only in Mexico. Only in Mexico. No matter what happens to me here, I am grateful the Lord sent me here for that.

If possible, I would love the Piano Guys two CDs. Mission President loves them for listening. Definitely approved. Also, the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack! I would ask for sour patch kids but they wouldn't make it down here, so I'll just wait 21 months for them. Oh! Sheet music for some of the David Lanz Christmas hymns! Other random things you think of, too.

The Lord is taking care of me and I see tender mercies every day.

Elder Dorrough

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