Monday, August 5, 2013


Transfers are this week! And guess what! I HAVE ONLY ONE COMPANION TOMORROW! YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (You know I'm happy because I don't ever use more than one exclamation point.)

Just so you know, even though I had only been in trios, trios are really a super rare occurrence. This was the first time President Lopez had ever tried them and with only three companionships, and it basically failed so miserably that he has decided to assign people who need to be trained to people who simply have experience instead. Thank. Goodness.

My new companion is Elder G, whom I have mentioned in previous letters! President Lopez truly received revelation to put me with Elder G. He is in another ward in Tuxpan. I will just be taking a taxi over to a new house tomorrow to finally be a real missionary. No more third wheeling 24-7. After three months, I finally get to experience the life of an actual missionary in an actual companionship!

From what I've seen of Elder G, he seems pretty cool. He's the one who calls me Capitán América. After a week with just one person (for actually the very first time in my life), I will be able to tell you more about him. For now I'm just excited to finally be in my own area with my own companion! It will still be kind of weird, because most people have one ''dad'' (trainer) in the mission, whereas I will have had five... but I'm Abram.

I hope you got my few pictures last week. I love little C. I talked with his mom for 2 hours after Church yesterday and she basically told me her life story. She said that never before has anybody loved her kids like I do and that I won her trust the first time I met her and started playing with C and E. She was separated from her husband quite recently and is currently having a hard time with life, and was considering not even going to Church, but I have gotten her kids so excited to come to Church every Sunday that she has felt the peace of the gospel as she keeps keeping the Sabbath Day holy, even though she didn't want to. By just plain loving people and becoming as a little child, I helped a family from going into inactivity. That miracle alone made the past 6 weeks of frustration worth it. I had no idea what great work I was doing... I thought I was just having fun with C and E! She asked me to take C in my suitcase when I go home because he loves me so much. I am considering it. I also learned two fun Spanish phrases in the conversation: ''Irse de pinta'' means to play hooky, and ''pasar de moda'' means to go out of style.  Spanish makes me laugh.

I have had wonderful experiences healing the sick and afflicted in Mexico.  Truly, faith is power. Faith is power to heal. The closer I become to the Savior Jesus Christ, the more power to heal and serve I receive. I have seen miracles, and the incredible part is that the Lord permits me to perform them. Instant healings of both sicknesses and afflictions. Christ's power to heal is real. I have seen strep throat disappear, illnesses vanish, infected feet become whole. All it takes is faith to be healed, faith to heal, and the proper authority to affirm it.

I just came back from the beach! The entire zone has been super stressed out recently so we all just relaxed in the sand and played in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Elder B, a new missionary in the zone, told me his mom is reading my blog. I laughed really hard and assumed the Google search for Xalapa brought something up.  (Hello, Sister B!)

Anywho! Yet again, my companions waited until the end of the day to write so that we wouldn't have a lot of time. However, it will all change this week. I have learned a lot of things in Mexico recently that I had to learn by enduring six weeks of craziness, but I learned them.

I love you! In the following weeks, I will write more, I promise. I'll be a comp who is... not as interesting in some ways as my current ones.

Elder Dorrough

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