Monday, July 8, 2013

More from Tuxpan

These past two weeks have been... interesting.

The filter works!! The water bottle filter that I was given in the MTC is 100% functional. One night last week right before bedtime, my thirst increased to the point of death. (Maybe not, but I wasn't going to sleep without water.) I decided to risk trying the sink water through the filter. The results? Not any sickness at all.

By far the greatest experience I have had so far is taking part in healing a 6 year old boy named C. After Church, I felt somebody grasp my hand. It was a little Mexican boy I hadn't seen before. I leaned down to talk to him and he asked me for a blessing. He had a cold. He was very exhausted and his nose was visibly stuffed. I said of course I would give him a blessing. I told him we would need to find another Elder to assist me, and Elder Aldama and I went to another room with C's Mom and siblings following. The whole time, C would not let go of my hand. He sat down in the chair to get ready and I told him this was my first blessing ever in Spanish. Nobody had oil, so we blessed him without any. After opening the blessing, I pronounced the words of the Spirit: That upon opening his eyes, the cold would be completely gone and he would regain all of his energy. That was all I felt the need to say. As soon as I ended the blessing, Carlos popped out of the chair and gave me a huge hug. His nose was completely unstuffed, his headache gone, and he was running up and down the hallway with the other children. Because the faith of a child had been combined with Priesthood power, the illnesses and weaknesses of man could hold no power over either of us.
I love you!

 ¡Camarones! Shrimp tacos for lunch. That was the spiciest food I have ever eaten that was not lamb vindaloo. Holy smokes.

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