Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shoes--and 7 weeks to go!

Well, it's good I'll be home soon.  My shoes are definitely showing the wear of 2 years on a mission.  The office boots are actually in okay shape, I just have to get the front part of the sole sewn once every three months or so. The sole is getting a bit worn, too, but nothing compared to a normal pair of shoes. I actually gave the office boots to Elder G last week because his third pair of shoes already got worn down to the point of inusability (not sure if that's a word or not) and we have the same shoe size, so I just gave him those boots. The police boots are still 100% good to go. A little discolored but in perfect working condition, and still completely waterproof. That's the pair of shoes I'll have on in the airport to save three pounds in my suitcases. Those boots were definitely the best purchase for a missionary.

The Sunday shoes I brought, I will most likely be leaving those shoes here, as well. The left shoe is currently ripping in the back where the heel connects to the sole and the soles are about .03 centimeters thick now so I basically feel like I'm walking barefoot.  Those just get worn to meetings.

You'd be surprised how much I have walked in Mexico... probably more than Dad has run since I've been on the misión….

The only shirt I will be taking home is one that Elder O gave me a month ago that looks new. The rest of my shirts are completely trashed. The yellowness comes out after a good wash with bleach, but the necks are all starting to wear out and I've sewn up the sleeves of about 5 of the shirts at this point.

I'm down to six shirts and 5 pants, which means exactly half of my mission wardrobe has disintegrated.  Surprisingly, I'm still good on socks. I've only had one tear in the whole misión.

Elder G and I look forward to the last week of this transfer. We've been seeing a lot of blessings in our finding efforts recently. Most of the investigators we currently have are thanks to one street contact I made in December, Abraham. He is such a great guy, still hasn't gotten baptized, but thanks to him we went with his family and found Ilse, and his family has given us bounteous referrals to go out and talk with. Thanks to one invitation we made 3 months ago we have seen dozens of new faces coming to church and learning more about the góspel!

You can sign me up for the 4th of July 5k, s'il te plait! I'll do the shortest race so I don't hurt myself trying. I will do  my best to beat Savanna, but her legs are so long that I don't know if that is possible.  It was nice last Winter in Puebla because it was so freezing cold that I still got to experience the seasons. This year in Poza Rica I really haven't felt winter, though, so kind of the same deal as Troutdale, I suppose!

I only have a month and a half left now... that sure feels crazy! Next week I will write with the last transfer news I will ever have for my whole life. The most likely news is that I will stay here with Elder G to finish the misión, but anything is possible.

That's the most likely option. President Greer is faced with difficult choices as he will have so many missionaries going and a smaller amount arriving - this requires that certain áreas be closed. When áreas are closed transfers get even crazier. however, it's pretty likely I'll finish the misión here in Poza Rica.

All the missionaries who were together in the Macuiltepetl area of Xalapa are mostly now here in the Poza Rica area. 

At this same conference, I ran into nearly all  of my companions I have had on the mission!  That picture is at the top.

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