Monday, March 2, 2015

A rainy week (8 to go!)

Elder V is back in my ward, and I am so happy.  We all are working hard and having fun working together.

The current countdown is a quantity of days inferior to 60. Now that is crazy stuff. I get super excited for Mondays, too. It's weird to think that being a missionary is the only time of one's life that one comes to like Mondays above the other days of the week. Usually Monday is the least anticipated day of them all, but for a missionary that is certainly not the case. I'm pretty sure the last three days will be like you say - Tuesday I'll head down to Xalapa and Wednesday head down to Veracruz in a rented bus that will have at least 40 other missionaries in it.

What on Earth is a soap dispenser? I had actually forgotten that laundry detergent is not also used as hand soap.

I guess I somewhat look forward to having my own room again. The weirdest adjustment, I believe, will be not having to be with somebody 24/7. The first few days will definitely be dedicated to some great slumber parties with the guys playing cards and games and talking and wrestling just like the good old times.

I will actually be getting the package tomorrow! President is coming to Poza Rica tomorrow so we can watch Meet the Mormons as a zone.

Gene is finally retiring... he sure did have a great impact on my life all four years of high school, more so than any other teacher I had. 

What I can hardly believe is that general conference is in just a month. After conference I'll only have 3 weeks left.

The first trampoline I have seen in two years!
 Elder G with some cool kids.
 A lot of rain, and no umbrella.  At least my feet stayed dry!

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