Monday, March 16, 2015

Six weeks!

The package from last month finally arrived, and we were all so happy.  I had completely forgotten about delicious Scooby Snacks crackers, and my companion was freaking out that you can actually buy those in real life, and that they aren't just in a cartoon.  They reminded me that home is real, and not too far away.  I am also happy that you sent so much candy that I can share easily with all the niños around here.  It is so fun to share gringo candy with them.

Transfer news - I will be finishing the mission in the PetroMex Ward with Elder G. Just as expected. It feels so weird to start the transition into my last transfer ever.  Only six weeks left of my mission. 

We had a nice weekend with the baptism and confirmation of Carlos! He is the epitomy of living the law of consecration without having worldly goods. He works going around the city collecting garbage and recycling materials and taking them to the recycling plant, which is certainly not the stablest form of making a living. Things are complicated more by the fact that he lives in a little shack taking care of his 5 grandchildren, whose parents live far, far away and want nothing to do with the kids anymore. But he knows that he cannot turn his back on the hungry and needy, even if it means that he himself will not receive any worldly benefit at all. Life is hard for him. I imagine those kids almost never have breakfast. One of the tenderest moments of my mission was buying wafer cookies and juice to eat for breakfast with all the little kids during the baptismal service. I will never forget that feeling.  Such a good man, and such sweet little niños.  I will sure miss Mexico.
There's a Mexican modismo for catching someone red-handed: te agarré con los manos en la masa.  This is what that looks like.  We were making tamales.

 Just a random guy trying to help a stuck possum.

 We named this a watermelon spider.

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