Monday, February 17, 2014

I love fruit snacks

I have the same curse in the mission. (Note from Mom--I had written to Abram about how our dishwasher had stopped working....not unusual for things in my life).  Everything I touch breaks. I had forgotten that in the States we have machines that wash our dishes for us... how weird it will be to go back...

The first Dorrough cousin to get married! Holy cow!  Also, please tell David and Michelle a million thanks for their package. They have no idea how grateful I was to eat the fruit snacks - I was seriously jumping up and down in excitement remembering food at home.

I was thinking about Grandpa this week, too. It's weird because it doesn't seem like he's on the other side to me still. I know he is always watching out for me.

The Lord really is watching out for me.

Random questions...How many people live in Bolivia? In La Paz?

On Sunday we performed the confirmation of the 3 younglings we have baptized recently. Little Jareth was wearing a whole glob of gel in his hair and my hand almost slipped on his head, which was funny. I testify that the mandate to ''receive the Holy Ghost'' is not simply a statement but rather a commandment we are given through all our lives beginning in that moment. We must take His name upon us, always remember him, and keep his commandments to always have the Spirit with us.

The weather here has been up and down crazy recently... my comp is getting sick from it. From 10 degrees to 30 degrees within a few hours. apparently the whole mission is getting sick. but not I. I refuse to get sick any time on my mission.

Papantla is a fun little city. I still haven't gone to Tajin yet, but rest assured in my several months here I will and I will take many a picture. Apart from that these recent Mondays I have gone to play soccer on a field where I have used my tacos. Last week, I actually scored a goal, which was a miracle. I'm by no means good at soccer so that was a surprise to me!

Until next week.

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