Monday, February 10, 2014

Another week in Papantla

The mountains here go on forever and ever.

Thousand pardons for leaving you hanging last week. My comp was very strict on the 60 minutes rule. Because his trainer was very strict on that... So we'll do the best we can with 60 minutes. I miss Elder S.

I trust in Noah's awesome dominance in everything he does. Thank you for the French books and advice. It should be pretty easy to pick up, I hope.

How interesting that it snowed back home! That means I can finally answer the question everybody asks me ''Does it snow? The US is so cold!'' So now I can say ''a veces''.

Anyway! This week the mission developed a completely different teaching model. We were asked to throw away our old lesson to memorize (thank goodness I did that a long time ago) and now we're asked to study a list of points that are basically the same. And use a lot of scriptures. According to the zone leaders, it's going to be very much up to the companionship what to teach and basically just use Preach My Gospel and the Spirit. I hope.

I have forgotten to tell you. It was very extremely demasiado cold these past couple weeks. I actually used my coat that I bought in Teteles because I was so cold. It was a very random and weird winter weather phenomenon that has certainly interrupted my sleep since I got to Papantla. Today was the first warm day I've actually had here.

Also, after the conference with Elder Valenzuela he asked President why the mission never adopted the no-backpacks rule when he saw every single missionary in the mission wearing a backpack... so the deal is now that we can use our backpack hasta que no sirva and then instead of buying another backpack we have to buy the one strap bag thing that I only know what it's called in mexico and it's not a nice word. Normally a backpack in Mexico lasts a good 4 months or so. The good news is Mountain Hardware has a tendency to last forever so I'm not worried about that one.

The city is beautiful and the ward here is so great.  This is a happy place to be for the next few months.
 This is how we go to church.  One member drives his fruit truck around to pick up those who need a ride.

These are two niños who were baptized last week. 

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