Monday, April 27, 2015

Coming home!

Abram will be coming home this Wednesday night!  His letters the past few weeks have been more of back and forth working out logistics, registering for classes this fall at BYU, and stuff like that.  I was out of town last week and didn't ever get around to posting an update or pictures.  It's a two for one this time.

But two very special things happened in the last weeks of the mission.  A very special family got baptized, and so did an adorable little girl.  Abram says that is the highlight of how he could have ended his mission.

Also, Poza Rica is the hottest place in Mexico.  Hot and humid.  Temps drop to around 110 at night, but it has been really oppressive heat for the past month.  Coming home to Oregon will be quite a relief.  Abram actually said he was hoping to finish his mission in the heat of Poza Rica so that coming home to cool Oregon will be ever more exciting than ever.

Anyway, we're pretty freaking out excited that he will be home after two years.  Here are the pictures from his last couple of weeks.

A happy baptism day for this family.

 Abram loves this family so much, and will miss them a great deal.
 This is his new favorite picture from Xalapa.
 A typical park in Poza Rica.
 Happy 20th birthday to Elder Cox!
 This family lived in the north of Mexico for a while where they perfected the art of making the best burritos in Mexico.
 Fútbol buddies.
 A spider on a 117-degree day.
 Sideways, sorry.
 A baptism for a sweet little girl.
 The best paper maché gift a missionary ever received.
 The kids surprised Abram by dumping a bowl of pancake mix over his head as their way of saying goodbye.
 Four buddies together for one last time.
 Abram said goodbye to Elder Garcia this morning.

Abram will go to the mission home tomorrow, and then on a bus to Veracruz Wednesday morning.  He flies home with two other Elders from Portland, so that will be a fun adventure for the three of them to come home all together.