Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two whole hands

I remember when I turned 10 and Diane Bangerter told me I was Two Whole Hands old.    Well, now that I have only 10 weeks left on my mission, I thought about two whole hands in a new way.  I am happy to be finishing my mission with such a great companion.  The Lord truly has blessed me with good companions.

We had a girl ready to be baptized this last week, but there was some drama with her family just before the baptism, and we all decided it was better to wait.  She is a great girl and will be a fun addition to this ward, so hopefully things get worked out with her mother this week.

It is good I have only 10 weeks left, because one pair of my shoes is pretty much dead.  The Danner police boots are still perfect, but the Danner office boots are coming apart.  They have been the best missionary shoes ever and have survived miles and miles of rocky and dirty roads, and plenty of rain.

I will miss the delicious food here.  Especially the seafood.

 This is Poza Rica in the background and my really cool companion.  He is so awesome.
 Monday morning fútbol is such a great part of the week.  It will be fun to play fútbol with the kids when I get home.  We will have to go play at a local park so that we won't lose the ball in the backyard over the cliff and into the river like we did with Joel's brand new birthday soccer ball many years ago....twice.  I will miss seeing soccer goals in every possible greenspace.

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