Monday, February 9, 2015

This week

I let my comp  wear my special Mexico tie for a silly picture.  He is from Peru, and he is super easy to get along with.  I really have been blessed to have so many great companions.  He has been out five months, and his first two companions really taught him how to work, so it will be fun to spend the last two months of my mission working hard with a really great friend.
 We had a baptism for a really nice girl from a really nice family.

 After the baptism we had a delicious dinner with my favorite food here--mole.
 I was so surprised to run into my old buddy this week!
 This was pretty exciting to find!
 We love fútbol.  Can you spot the storm trooper?
I'll be home in 11 weeks.  At least, I think I will be home in 11 weeks.  Everyone else who is leaving at the same time as me already has his plane ticket.  I have heard nothing.  With my history with the missionary department, who inadvertently left me in a black hole while waiting to get TO Mexico, I wouldn't be surprised if something has happened and they forgot me again.  We'll see.  I do love it here, but I am getting excited to see my family.

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