Monday, September 1, 2014

Pray for my companion

Elder V's dad died and President Greer just told Elder V today in the morning. We took a taxi down to the offices where President talked with Elder V and gave him a blessing and everything. He is going to be staying in the mission with me and relying on the Savior to help him get through his trial. It's basically the worst thing that can happen to a missionary. So I'm just going to send a lot of fun pictures today.  We don't have much time for email.  Just please pray for Elder V that he will be comforted and be able to bear this burden.

I can't possibly imagine anything worse that could happen to a missionary. It's a good thing everything is going so well for us and he's so happy and stress free or I think it would be unbearable for him. He says on the mission is the best place for him to be for something like this to happen to him.

I'm so glad we were left together for this transfer.  We are truly brothers and I am glad I can be with him during this difficult time.

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