Monday, September 8, 2014

Missionary mannequins

Happy Birthday, Mom. 

 I haven't seen Elder D since our first day in Mexico. I wonder what's become of him! I know he's still in the mission, but we've never been in the same zone.

Yes, Elder V is doing better.  We had an easy week because I didn’t want to stress him out with the burden he is carrying.  But he is doing great and is ready to work hard again.  I still can’t imagine having a parent die while I was on a mission.  But I am proud of him for staying on his mission.  The spirit truly can comfort us in ways we can never imagine until it happens.  We had some fun this week and took some silly pictures like the one above to keep his mind off of the sadness.

To answer your question, in Mexico it's more common to say manejar. In Spain they say conducir.  I was thinking about those verbs the other day. ''How weird would it sound to say 'I'm managing a car?' '' Then I thought about the etymology of 'drive' and I'm pretty sure it comes from driving a horse team, which has an even funnier application to the concept of moving a vehicle.

I can't wait to eat cookies again. The Bimbo company equivalent (Marinela) are nowhere as good. Although I love Bimbo bread, chocolate chip cookies can't be compared to homemade treats. Thanks for taking such good care of me. 

We really are such a blessed family. That was the first thing I learned on the mission. Even the basic blessings I never really considered as rare before the mission. None of my companions have been born in the church nor have two active parents. Not a single one of them.

And Elder V says hi to everybody, happy birthday to you, and thank you so much for everything.

Thank you dearly for sending me so many packages. I keep all the boxes I can because they represent how much you love me and miss me. I just hope that being a good missionary make it worth it for you!

 A chihuahua in my mochilla.  How did that happen?
Trying on glasses.  I liked these ones as well.

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