Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I love Xalapa

Don't worry, I washed my hands after picking up this bird that couldn't fly.

There are already several missions in Mexico that use iPads and computers and all sorts of things but here we don't because we think we're efficient enough already so why change.

Summer will be over before we know it. That I also look forward to because honestly last summer was the longest and most miserable of my life. Then in the winter time started to go by normally and spring flew past me. Maybe it's just the mission time warp or possibly

Anywho, onto the fun stuff. I finally got my birthday packages! Even being in Xalapa the mail just sits around forever in the offices before it gets to me. It's a lot more secure to send it there than to my address, though, because they're always there to receive the mail but if it gets to my house when I'm not there (most likely) or I get transferred for some reason (and with a change in Presidents in 20 days who knows) I'll never see it again. So keep sending stuff there, even though it may take a bit longer to make it to my hands. Tell Grandma and Grandma great a million thank yous for sending cards and candy. More than the package is the love and concern I can feel. I know they are thinking about me and I know I am in their prayers.

I've basically learned my area now. It didn't take so long. I'm in the biggest neighborhood in Xalapa, but my entire area is only that neighborhood. For that reason ever since the tiny ward started dividing itself into tinier and tinier areas the missionaries have had a harder time taking many investigators to church because in an area so small where everybody works on Sundays it's hard to find people who want to listen and change, but I have faith that they are there somewhere. We just have to find them. And we will.

I'm going to forward you an email from an investigator I had in Teteles. It's the family I gave the nativity set. She and her husband couldn't get baptized because they aren't married and the husband isn't divorced from his first wife whom they can't find... I hope that made sense. Anyway, the missionaries had passed by before but they didn't ever really go to church because the husband wasn't interested. Since Elder S and I passed by we gained the husband's confidence and got the whole family to go to church and the husband to stop working on Sunday. They went to church every Sunday I was there. Their daughter just turned 8 years old and got baptized. The mom tells me thank you for bringing the gospel to her family, softening the heart of her husband and for helping them to be happy for so many months in a row. I know that sometimes we may not see the results of our efforts immediately, but the Lord uses us as instruments in His own hands for His own reasons and everything works for good in the end.

My district is tons of fun. I'll take more pictures with them this week and tell you more about them the next.
On the roof with Xalapa behind me.

 Get that corn out of my face!

How they collect garbage here.

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