Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm staying in Papantla

Tell Aubs I'm super glad she's being a musical rockstar and I can't wait to hear her songs in less than 14 months. I'm glad the cello still reminds you of me... I think in about 10 years I might pick it up again a little bit. Also, penny pinching has become more than a form of thought recently - it's my way of being. I feel really bad when I spend even a few bucks on your credit card even though I know that's what it's for. Totally random thought there but there you have it.

For the first time in my mission history, I guessed a transfer correctly - I will be staying in my area and training. Who my comp is, from where he is, what languages he speaks I don't know and I won't know until Wednesday. The exciting part is that all day tomorrow I don't do anything; I just travel in a bus to Xalapa and hang out waiting for my 'son'. I shall train him and we shall definitely have a lot of fun.

A few favors: There is a song called 'el juego de las vocales' that a Spaniard wrote. The lyrics consist of several verses using only the vowel A, the vowel E, the vowel O, and the vowel I. If you could send me the letra that would be greatly appreciated. If you could also scan and send the music to the Rachmaninoff prelude in C# minor I played I would love that.

This week was a wonderful learning experience. I love looking at life with the perspective that sometimes we think things change when they really don't. One little event can totally throw off a whole lot of people's emotions and therefore decisions and attitude, but I have learned to stay strong being cool headed and making smart decisions. That one little event that many people would get depressed about really doesn't change my world all that much, does it? Because this work is about the people we are serving and not about us it's alright.

Next Monday I'll let you know how my training is coming along... until then!

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