Monday, March 10, 2014

A new companion

I believe this is a picture of me with Elder L justo después del anuncio de nuestro compañerismo.

This is my physically exhausted victory face, I think. I just scored a winning goal for the first time in my life. That makes two goals for the mission and one happy nerd.

When I went to Xalapa this week to pick up my new companion, I found the ''lost package'' of French books. Turns out it was just damaged in shipping and the label got ripped off so they couldn't identify whose it was. Thank goodness I decided to check the mail room!  Now I can get to work studying French.

When I was in Xalapa I asked again about my going home date and that's still in doubt as to whether it will be March 20, Aril 3, or April 27, but it's one of the three. For now I'm just going as if it were April 27.

Let me just start by saying - training rocks. This week was very unique. On Monday Elder C packed up all his stuff to go to Tuxpan the next day so I didn't work, on Tuesday at 6:00 am my bus left for Xalapa and I spent all day with Elder D and Elder S (so I didn't work), on Wednesday I spent all day with Elder D and Elder S, met my ''son'' and at night took my son back to Papantla, (so I didn't work). Then there was a whole bunch of confusion as to where we would be living and which area we would work in and finding a new house for the sisters and moving houses for 3 companionships and a whole load of random bojambo and I basically didn't work any day this week. Despite all of that, we did bring 4 new people to Church on Sunday! One is a friend of Joaquín and he's really looking forward to getting baptized, so hopefully we'll send you a picture at the beginning of April.

Amidst the movings of house, I also had to cambiar de casa. That's because now I'll be working in the South side of the city where it's dark at night because there's no streetlight anywhere and where the Narcos have their colony in the Papantla uno neighborhood. So! My new house doesn't look as nice as the other one, but it's still pretty big and cozy. I also managed to snag an extra fan in the move so that's a good deal.

As to my new companion - say hello to Elder L from Guatemala, Guatemala! Aquí todos le dicen que ''Ya te fuiste de Guatemala... a ¡Guata Peor!'' That joke was funny the first time but after like 30 times my comp beats them to telling it. Anywho! Elder L it awesome. He is also an incredible amount of fun. He said his last day in the MTC he prayed for a companion who would be calm, not use his stuff, know the scriptures really well, and be able to teach him English. He said he was super surprised because his prayer was answered in the full extent, which he was hoping for but almost not expecting. Hurray for asking with faith!
I am so excited to be staying in Papantla with Elder L for at least 6 more weeks.

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