Saturday, May 18, 2013

Favorite cousin!

Because today is my last non-Sunday, I get to email from the laundry room while I wait for my laundry. Normally I do that on P-days here, but missionaries are allowed to do laundry the last non-Sunday before they leave. Additionally, the Branch President gives missionaries permission to use email the day before they leave, so I will email both today and tomorrow.
I received a letter from some Church employee somewhere in the travel department that said not to email or contact the consulate directly. At this point I realize that Church travel is too overwhelmed with the missionary supply - they were not prepared to "Catch the Wave", as Elder Nelson would say.
Speaking of Elder Nelson, he spoke at the MTC devotional on Tuesday! That was a major plus of staying an additional week. If there were no other reason for me to stay another week, at least I'll always remember that devotional. He recommended that all the missionaries stay in contact with their converts by social media after they return home.
Your cookies actually arrived on time. I went to the post office right at noon - lo and behold, the shipment made it at 11:58. I'm not sure how that actually happened, but I definitely enjoyed the prompt cookies.
Sorry, I still don't have much to say again. The MTC has given me literally nothing to do. Today is my 5th consecutive P-day. To fill the time, I decided I'd challenge myself to read as much of the Old Testament as I could before I left. Right now I'm in 2 Samuel. You could say I've had some free time.
I saw cousin Alex today! In one of the hallways I saw Alex sitting on a bench talking to other Chinese fake investigators! I sprinted to close the distance between us and gave him a huge bear hug. He used a Chinese lady's phone to take a picture that will probably make it to your view sometime soon. I was very glad I got to see Alex before I left; yet another blessing of staying another week, I guess! I also managed to quickly sneak into one of his fake lessons .
I'll probably be able to write a little more later today. Today I at least have something to do on my schedule: Laundry, pack luggage.
I love you, Mom!

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