Monday, May 26, 2014

Adios, Papantla. Hola, Xalapa!

Los Luchadores se despiden como compañerismo.  Que lástima.

Great news - I am currently writing you from Xalapa! President Saucedo likes to do transfers on Mondays so I left Papantla at 9:00 and arrived in Xalapa at 2. It made me kind of sad to not be able to say goodbye to everybody, but in the morning I said bye to Usama's Mom, Armando and all his family, and the family of little Melanie. They were all so teary to see me gone. It's amazing what an impact just a little bit of love can have in the lives of so many people.

My new companion is Elder G from the Dominican Republic! Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic... I'm getting to know a little bit more about a lot of cultures in the mission. Elder G is the first companion I've had who I actually met before we were companions, as he and I were once in the same zone. From what I know of him I think we will get along very well - he is always always happy and smiling and doesn't get angry, so we have a lot in common. 

First things first. I just ate a Big Mac. My barrio happens to be the very ward in the mission where the McDonald´s is found. The very first thing I did after setting my bags in the house was ask Elder G how close the McD's was. He said it was right down the street, in the ward boundaries. After 13 months without McDonald's I was SOOOO ready to enjoy my wonderful burger and fries, so we went down to eat. I was going to use the card to pay for the burgers... but... my bad luck struck. Turns out they only accept cards ''with chips'' (whatever new invention that is). I was really sad. It made it even worse that they had already placed the fries and soda and burgers right in front of me and they had to just throw them away because I couldn't pay for them. I knew I was going to be horribly sorrowful the whole day long (hyperbole) if I came too stinking close to finally fulfilling my dream only to have it denied, so we walked over to a bank and I took out the money to pay for 2 large Big Macs. I'm a happy camper.

After only a few hours in Xalapa I can see why Mexico is unofficially considered a second world country. There are some parts that are really bad but others that are actually okay. There are lots of highways and bridges and malls and stoplights and infrastucture in Xalapa that I haven't seen anywhere else in the mission.

For today I don't have much time... I have to give a district class in just a half hour! I forgot to mention, I'm a district leader now. And despite all the logistical difficulties and the fact that I haven't planned at all President still wants the whole mission to do district meeting on Monday.  I will talk more next week!

My new companion and I had lunch at McDonalds, and it was so awesome.
I am truly going to miss these people I have come to love so much. 

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